Furniture Upholstery

¿Furniture Re upholstery Service?

Furniture ReupholterIf you want to revamp your old furniture or to give a new look. can provide a professional service to all reupholstering in fresno ca.

Why give up your comfortable sofa, when we can simply change the exterior or make a new cover to dress your sofa? Quality furniture upholstery deserves a second chance. Our goal is to bring life back to your sofa.

If you are comfortable with the look of your sofa, but not as comfortable when you sit down, we can help. By repairing old or installing new springs or bands, or replace the foam in the couch cushions can be restored to the comfort like a new sofa.

Our technicians in Fresno ca are certified in their field and has extensive experience using the finest art equipment and vast knowledge in their line of work. We are proud of every piece of furniture we serve. Make the decision to give your furniture a new meaning and we’ll do the rest.

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